Connected Learning


I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 CLEA conference a few weeks ago.  CLEA is an acronym for the Consortium for the Liberal Education of Artists.  The keynote speaker was cultural anthropologist, Mimi Ito.  She’s renowned for her research on how the youth use digital and mobile technology.  She talked about the idea of connected learning.  The basic premise behind the idea is that young people are engaging in online or digital activities such as gaming and social networking and utilizing those skills in the real world.  She cited the example of a high school student routinely blogging science fiction stories who won a screenwriting scholarship to film school.  I took the opportunity to ask her about the roles of libraries and she was forthright in asserting that libraries play an important role in helping to develop these skills.  Here’s a link to her extensive blog.  If you’re into instructional design and digital learning, you’ll appreciate what you see. 


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