How Well Do You Know Your Students? How Well Do They Know You?

As someone who’s worked in access services for the majority of my time working in libraries, I can vouch for this. Also, when I’m training student employees, I try to chat them up a little. I think it allows them to feel more comfortable asking questions, so that I know that they’re doing their jobs correctly.

Designer Librarian

This past week, I came across an article in The Atlantic that discussed a recent study about the importance of student-teacher relationships. When students and teachers find out they share interests in common, the entire educational experience improves.That got me thinking about the impact of librarian-student relationships on library and research skills.

How well do you know your students? Do they know you? From my own experience, I suspect there is quite a bit of room for improvement in that area.

This is what I know. When I asked my daughter about the librarian at her elementary school, she said, “you mean that lady who reads us stories?” Now that she’s in middle school, I’ve asked her about the librarian there. She doesn’t know the librarian’s name, she is not even sure what the librarian looks like (“is it the lady that checks out my books?”). This coming from the daughter…

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